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The Dangers of Tianeptine aka Gas Station Heroin

Tianeptine, also called gas station heroin, is an unapproved antidepressant masquerading as a dietary supplement in the U.S., posing significant risks, including addiction, severe withdrawal symptoms, and potentially fatal outcomes. Marketed as a dietary aid for energy and focus, this substance carries risks far beyond its promises. What Is Tianeptine? Tianeptine was originally an antidepressant

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Pharmacists Can Play Vital Role In Opioid Addiction Recovery

Far too few people are getting the benefit of Medication-Assisted Treatment in America, even though the FDA considers it the gold standard for people with opioid use disorder. While stigma still creates barriers within the medical system, pharmacists may play a unique role in helping access life-changing medications such as Suboxone, also known as buprenorphine.

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Dangerous New Drug Called Eutylone Causes East Coast Overdoses

Eutylone, a new drug that authorities in Florida describe as a synthetic psychoactive bath salt, has begun to spread across the state. The drug has caused overdose deaths in Maryland’s Eastern Shore and Florida. The overdose deaths linked to eutylone usually involve an adulterant such as fentanyl or cocaine. Eutylone As A Bait-And-Switch Drug Eutylone