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California Leads The Way With Contingency Management

Last year, California was the first state to receive approval from the Biden administration to include sobriety payments in Medicaid, helping pave the way for contingency management (CM) programs for people with stimulant use disorder. The program was piloted as part of an extensive healthcare initiative led by Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom. This initiative aims

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Amphetamine-Related Hospitalizations Jumped 245% in 7 Years

An alarming uptick of amphetamine use, such as crystal meth and speed, has quietly taken center stage for some hospitals also struggling with opioids abuse. Between 2008 and 2015, Amphetamine-related hospitalizations jumped by about 245%, according to the American Medical Association’s latest report. The increase is a startling reminder that the addiction epidemic isn’t isolated

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Meth is Becoming a Crisis in America, Too

While the opioid crisis is currently raging, a resurgence of methamphetamine use also looms in the background. While it hasn’t been publicized in many cities, meth use is rising. And in Michigan, County Prosecutors have declared its use a crisis. Meth, Ice are Getting Stronger Meth has also gotten stronger in Michigan and other states