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Addiction Epidemic Fueled By Opioid Prescriptions

A new study proves that opiod prescriptions contributed to overdose deaths. When a family member received opioids, people in the household were more likely to overdose. The study provides more evidence that overprescribing opioid medication helped lead to the current drug epidemic that has claimed thousands of lives. The study, published by JAMA Internal Medicine,

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In UT, “Parents with Children Program” Helps Addicted Keep Kids

In Salt Lake City, Utah, a new program has launched to help addicted parents re-unite with their child housed by social services in Odyssey House’s “Parents with Children Program.” The program, which focuses on keeping families together, has provided a lifeline for those with drug problems. Instead of separating children from parents completely, participants still

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NY Judge Upholds Opioid Lawsuit Judgement

On June 18, a New York judge refused to dismiss any of the claims by eight counties against drug makers. The opioid lawsuit included judgments against Purdue Pharma, Johnson & Johnson and several other prescription-opioid manufacturers. The judge explained that the plaintiffs (the counties) had adequately explained several violations of the law, including consumer protection

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Surgeon General Urges People to Carry Naloxone

The US Surgeon General, Jerome Adams has announced he thinks it’s important for people who are at-risk of overdose or know somebody who might be, to carry naloxone. On Monday, the Surgeon General met with about a half-dozen residents during a meeting with the Northern Kentucky Health Department in Florence. He told the crowd of

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Family First Prevention Services Act Funds Help for Vulnerable Families

The new budget signed by President Trump is being hailed for one act that finally funds initiatives to help at-risk families to prevent them from losing custody of their children. The Family First Prevention Services Act was passed quietly in new legislation alongside the Federal budget, with the goal of preventing children from entering foster