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FDA Accuses Opioid Distributor of Shipping Illegitimate Products

On Tuesday, the FDA continued its investigation and crackdown on bad actors within the pharmaceutical industry by sending a warning letter sent to drug distributor McKessson. The sternly-worded letter accuses the opioid distrubitor of shipping "illegitimate" product. This is the first time the FDA has taken formal enforcement action to curb abuse. The letter from

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Amphetamine-Related Hospitalizations Jumped 245% in 7 Years

An alarming uptick of amphetamine use, such as crystal meth and speed, has quietly taken center stage for some hospitals also struggling with opioids abuse. Between 2008 and 2015, Amphetamine-related hospitalizations jumped by about 245%, according to the American Medical Association’s latest report. The increase is a startling reminder that the addiction epidemic isn’t isolated

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NY Judge Upholds Opioid Lawsuit Judgement

On June 18, a New York judge refused to dismiss any of the claims by eight counties against drug makers. The opioid lawsuit included judgments against Purdue Pharma, Johnson & Johnson and several other prescription-opioid manufacturers. The judge explained that the plaintiffs (the counties) had adequately explained several violations of the law, including consumer protection

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Fentanyl Often Arrives in US via Regular Mail Service

A congressional report revealed that many illegal shipments of fentanyl, a powerful and dangerous opioid drug, slip undetected as they arrive via the United State Postal Service. Most of the drug dealers selling this drug do so right under the nose of regulators via China. Congress says that the U.S. Postal Service must take measures

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Record Amount of Fentanyl Entering US

More than 81 pounds of synthetic opioids, mostly fentanyl, were seized in the past fiscal year, a record-setting number according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The seizure amount, of course, points to much more of the deadly synthetic slipping through the cracks and making it into the hands of those with a substance abuse

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