Can a Residential Treatment Program Help You Cope With Your Anxiety?

addicted woman with anxiety

Getting Help Makes all the Difference

Anxiety can have a profound effect on how we live our lives. For many people who struggle with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), it can be almost debilitating. Anxiety can easily overwhelm a person and interrupt them from things they once enjoyed in life. As is true with all mental illnesses, many people who have GAD also have another co-occurring disorder. Sometimes a person who suffers from GAD will have a history of trauma, such as childhood sexual abuse. Often, they are also dealing with other stressors.

A residential program can allow a person in crisis or suffering from an anxiety disorder the chance to step away from daily stressors. In a supportive community staffed by trained professionals, you are given a chance to learn new coping skills and heal some of the wounds that contribute to your anxiety.

Understanding GAD and Other Anxiety Disorders

People who live in a constant state of anxiety find many activities of daily living overwhelming. If you’re one of these people, you may avoid going out with family members or interacting with friends. Many people with anxiety issues try to avoid events or outings where their symptoms may be triggered. Unfortunately, this can interfere with your quality of life, isolate you from the people who care about you, and make it difficult to maintain a job or school responsibilities.

Many people who suffer from anxiety disorders find that they have trouble concentrating and remembering things. You may try to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs. Or you may sink into depression and feel that getting better is hopeless. You may suffer from other mental health issues, as well, such as depression or bipolar disorders.

Residential Treatment is Recommended

GAD encompasses chronic feelings of anxiety. The grip of these painful emotions may be very powerful. Because of this, mental health professionals recognize that inpatient treatment for anxiety are one of the most effective forms of treatment. In a safe environment, trained professionals will provide the support and care you need to face your challenges.

Reputable treatment centers for anxiety offer an integrated approach to treatment for anxiety disorders. A compassionate and highly skilled treatment team will help you learn new coping skills to help you manage your stress and emotions when life’s challenges occur. Together, they’ll work with you to set goals for your treatment plan and chart a path for wellness. A holistic approach to treatment offers traditional therapy such as group therapy, and “one-on-one” counseling sessions with trained professionals. In some cases complementary treatments can bolster the results of the therapy, such as acupuncture, meditation classes, art therapy, or even yoga.

When you come to a quality provider for help with your anxiety disorder, they’ll perform a medical screening to rule out any physical causes or medical complications related to your anxiety disorder. They should  also offer mental health screening to learn more about any other symptoms or disorders you may be suffering from. Your medical history should be studied and possibly contact with your current and past care providers should be made. This will help the treatment team create a treatment plan that’s right for you and addresses your individual therapeutic needs.

Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions will help you process feelings and get feedback from your peers in a safe, supportive environment. Most likely the treatment team will  also offer family therapy sessions to help your loved ones learn to support your recovery. Through all of this you will learn more about your triggers and foster new coping skills and healthy behaviors that can serve you well throughout your life.

When it’s almost time for your discharge, the treatment team  will work closely with you to determine the next steps towards recovery and help you prepare for your transition back to your life at home. They may may recommend outpatient treatment or therapy, as well as refer your family to community resources to help them, too.

Getting Help for Anxiety and GAD

If you’re looking for help with your anxiety disorder, you’re in the right place. The programs  we work with are designed to empower the individual and teach new coping skills to help you gain control over your anxiety and other co-occurring disorders you may be experiencing. We know that reaching out for help with your anxiety disorder is often one of the hardest things to do. We want you to know that you can recover and reclaim your life from the grip of chronic anxiety. Give us a call to learn more about your options. It’s 100% confidential and we’ll answer any questions you may have.