While the opioid crisis is currently raging, a resurgence of methamphetamine use also looms in the background. While it hasn’t been publicized in many cities, meth use is rising. And in Michigan, County Prosecutors have declared its use a crisis.

Meth, Ice are Getting Stronger

Meth has also gotten stronger in Michigan and other states across the country. It’s now much less likely to be made in a makeshift lab in the Southwest or desert somewhere. Mexico makes it in bulk, with professional facilities that CNN characterized as “superlabs” due to their sophistication. It’s sold as “Ice” on the streets, and it’s manufactured differently than it used to be, using labs rather than apartments or abandoned buildings.

Much of the meth is coming from Mexico, authorities say, and because it’s more professionally manufactured, it’s more addictive and therefore deadlier than the street drugs in years past. Oklahoma, a place where there is also a surge of opioid overdoses, meth has permeated the streets. In El Paso County, Colorado, meth is increasing at almost the same rate as opioids, nearly doubling from 2016 to 2017. Deaths from meth reached 1000 in 2017, setting a record. And in Kentucky, police officers have described meth overdoses outnumbering those from opioids. Experts in drug addiction and law enforcement believe that there’s a meth crisis looming alongside the opioid crisis, but no one has begun to take any action on it due to the media attention opioids receive.

Meth Addiction is Powerful

Meth is a powerful and highly addictive drug. It’s a stimulant rather than a depressant, and it gives the user both energy and a sense of euphoria. People are known to use the drug and forgo sleep for days when addicted to it. Overdose can lead to heart attacks, psychotic breaks, seizures, and permanent health problems. People feel invincible while on the drug, which can lead to injuries, tremors and heat stroke.

If somebody you know has a problem with meth or another drug, there is help available. Please look up your local 12-step meetings such as Narcotics Anonymous or consult our directory.