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  • Eutylone experimentation

Dangerous New Drug Called Eutylone Causes East Coast Overdoses

Eutylone, a new drug that authorities in Florida describe as a synthetic psychoactive bath salt, has begun to spread across the state. The drug has caused overdose deaths in Maryland’s Eastern Shore and Florida. The overdose deaths linked to eutylone usually involve an adulterant such as fentanyl or cocaine. Eutylone As A Bait-And-Switch Drug Eutylone

  • medication assisted treatment and AUD

MAT Gives People With AUD Better Liver Health Outcomes

According to new research, people who receive medical help such as Medication-Assisted Treatment are less likely to suffer from liver failure or other diseases caused by alcohol abuse. People with AUD (Alcohol Use Disorder) who use MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatment) are less likely to develop alcohol-related liver disease. What Medications Were Used For People With AUD?

  • child and mom watching youtube

Youtube Caught Promoting Drug Culture To Kids

An article in the Guardian found that Youtube’s algorithm fails regarding appropriate content. The researchers explored YouTube Kids, an app for youngsters first created in 2015. The app bills itself as a safer alternative for kids, especially those under 13. Content is promoted to more than one age group. There is a section for kids

  • tranportation New York treatment

New York Wants To Fund Transport To Treatment

For many people seeking to get sober, recovery can be fragile in the first weeks and months. While Medicaid often pays for inpatient treatment for indigent people, the logistics surrounding getting to and from a facility may be muddied. The same can be true for outpatient treatment. For this reason, New York is considering new

  • obby of treatment center waiting room bc of fentanyl

Colorado Law Would Force Fentanyl Users Into Treatment

Substance use has skyrocketed during the pandemic, especially among opioid users who often scrambled to find a fresh supply of street drugs. Opioid use, like elsewhere in the US, has been climbing steadily since the pandemic. 1,477 Coloradans died of drug overdoses in 2020, an unprecedented number and the most recorded overdose deaths in the

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