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Fentanyl Overdoses Common During COVID-19

The opioid epidemic is reportedly raging even more during the new reality of COVID-19. Overdoses are increasing all over the United States. Many of these overdoses involve opioids and, most commonly, fentanyl. Overdose Uptick During COVID-19 There are many causes of overdoses. For one thing, people are using their drug of choice alone, and there

  • psychiatrist taking notes

Benzos and Psychiatric Patients

An alarming study from the Journal of Psychiatric Research has found that 26% of psychiatric patients misuse their prescriptions of benzodiazepines. A highly addictive medication, doctors often prescribe them as anti-anxiety medications to help people cope with mental health symptoms or medical conditions. Psychiatrists prescribe benzos to people who suffer from mental health disorders and

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People With Eating Disorders Often Addicted to Exercise

People with eating disorders are 3.9 times as likely as other people to be addicted to exercise, according to new research data compiled in nine studies from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Italy. "It is known that those with eating disorders are more likely to display addictive personality and obsessive-compulsive behaviors," said study

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Options for Quitting Vaping

In the past several months, hundreds of people have died, and thousands have fallen ill from lung illnesses presumably caused by the vaping. In some cases, people vaped marijuana as well as nicotine. It’s not clear, even today, which brands or combinations of flavors caused the crisis. While the President talks about banning flavored nicotine,

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Alcohol Deaths Climb in England After Tax Decrease

There have been two thousand additional alcohol-related deaths in England during the time of 2012 to 2018. According to new research from the University of Sheffield's School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR), these deaths can now be linked to the lower prices on booze and tax cuts. Why The Tax Cuts Caused More Alcohol