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Options for Quitting Vaping

In the past several months, hundreds of people have died, and thousands have fallen ill from lung illnesses presumably caused by the vaping. In some cases, people vaped marijuana as well as nicotine. It’s not clear, even today, which brands or combinations of flavors caused the crisis. While the President talks about banning flavored nicotine,

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Can Vaping E-cigarettes Cause Seizures?

Can vaping e-cigarettes cause seizures? The FDA thinks it's possible. Vaping flavored nicotine is a relatively new phenomenon without case studies or long-term research into the effects. One thing we know is that nicotine is an addictive substance that can cause a lot of changes in the user, especially once they are addicted. Proponents in

FDA Takes Action Against E-Cigarette Vaping “Epidemic”

Last week, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced his agency is considering banning all flavored e-cigarette products (vaping) from the market, due to what he calls “epidemic of addiction” among American teens. This announcement followed several other firm actions taken by the agency against vaping companies in the past few months. “The disturbing and accelerating trajectory