In the past several months, hundreds of people have died, and thousands have fallen ill from lung illnesses presumably caused by the vaping. In some cases, people vaped marijuana as well as nicotine. It’s not clear, even today, which brands or combinations of flavors caused the crisis. While the President talks about banning flavored nicotine, people are still vaping. That’s because nicotine is highly addictive, especially in vape forms. Yet there are no clear-cut guidelines for people who are quitting vaping.

Vaping was initially billed as a “healthier” way to quit smoking cigarettes. In flavors that range from menthol to strawberry or popcorns, vaping has become a big part of youth culture. Few young people realized that they were vaping as much or even more than a pack of cigarettes in each cartridge. By the time they recognize vaping nicotine is addictive, it’s almost too late.

Which Brands Are Safest?

Unfortunately, nobody knows which brands are safe and which are not. Marijuana vapes sold on the street are counterfeit and sometimes contain vitamin E acetate, a harmful oil that can cause lung damage.

Vape pens that are sold online for nicotine/tobacco also are frequently counterfeit. A person under the age of 18 shouldn’t have access to vapes anyway.

Because vaping pens and products have gone unregulated for so long, there are tons of irregularities between brands. No two vape company pens dispense the same amount of nicotine. Many use different types and amounts of oil. It’s been speculated that oil is one of the causes of deadly vape diseases.

If you must vape, buy brands that are established from a reputable dealer.

Quitting Vaping Isn’t Easy

A person who wants to stop vaping will benefit from having a plan to quit vaping. Setting a vape date, getting rid of all tobacco and nicotine products, and staying away from people who vape is a good first step. Using the nicotine replacement patch or gum may be helpful.

Talking to a doctor or finding a “quit buddy” can help you cope with side effects associated with quitting vaping. Nicotine is harmful to your body! Remember that you’re keeping your heart, lungs, and body safe by doing what you need to do.

Addiction to vaping can be frightening and frustrated, but don’t give up. Ask for help from a trusted adult if you need more information on quitting vaping. Smoke-Free Teen has a lot of great resources on the body and nicotine, including information on withdrawal symptoms from vaping.

Many people have to quit something several times before it “sticks.” Don’t beat yourself up if you’re having trouble. Seek out help in the form of therapy if you need it. There are some great forums on quitting vaping on Reddit. There are also a few communities on Facebook that you can join if you need a support group.  Quitting vaping can be difficult, but it’s possible once you get past the withdrawal symptoms. Just remember that your health is worth it!