AA Meetings Santa Monica

You’ve probably heard a lot about Santa Monica, California. It’s a hangout of movie stars and film industry people, it has beautiful beaches and it is featured all the time in movies and TV. When you arrive in such an exciting city you may be wondering how you can connect with people in the local scene and make friends.

The good news is that Santa Monica is one of the best recovery towns around. From early morning to late at night and all over town, there are plenty of great Santa Monica AA meetings. All you have to do is connect to one meeting, pick up a meeting directory and you will have access to anywhere from 15-20 meetings a day, seven days a week. Though there’s no way to list all the AA meetings they have in Santa Monica, here’s a few places that feature multiple meetings on any given day.

The Unurban Café: Closed Meetings for Alcoholics Only

The Unurban Café is a coffee shop and art gallery at 3301 Pico Boulevard which features early morning AA meetings seven days a week. They have a 7:15 a.m. meeting Monday through Friday, a 7:00 a.m. women’s meeting Saturday mornings, 8:45 meetings every morning but Sundays when the meeting starts at 8:00 a.m., and a Wednesday night meeting at 7:00 p.m.

The Unurban AA meetings are held in the back room of the coffee house, and this room also doubles as an art gallery. Despite the laid-back surroundings people at Unurban meetings are serious about recovery and all meetings in this venue are closed, meaning only alcoholics trying to stay sober are welcome to attend.

Joslyn Park

Joslyn Park Center is located at 633 Kensington Road in the building at the back of the park. The Center hosts a huge variety of AA meetings held seven days a week at mid-day and evenings. They feature open and closed meetings, a beginners meeting, women’s meetings and a few meetings for mostly gay. There are step studies, Big Book studies and a workshop meeting once a week. If you want to connect with a central meeting location in Santa Monica and then branch out, Joslyn Park meetings are a very good place to start.

26 Street and Broadway AA Bungalow Meetings

Bay Area Rehabilitation Center, a.k.a. “26th and Broadway,” is another great Santa Monica AA venue with meetings day and night. Located at the corner of 26 St and Broadway, the center is an old bungalow-style house which is devoted solely to AA meetings, held at noon and on many nights. It’s like a clubhouse with many people who have found sobriety and continued to attend meetings here for years. The atmosphere is friendly, and they always serve coffee and usually some kind of snack or cake is available in the kitchen area.

The Above Are Only a Few of the Meetings Held in Santa Monica Constantly

In addition to the meetings listed above, there are a multitude of meetings held in various churches, parks, a hostel, a rehab, and most notably meetings seven days a week at the Against the Stream Santa Monica Buddhist Mediation Society, located at 1001 Colorado Ave.

There are men’s meetings, women’s meetings, mostly gay, Spanish speaking, big book and step studies, speaker meetings, and a huge variety of other kinds of meetings. If you spend time in Santa Monica and are in AA you may come to view the fantastic variety of meetings here to be every bit as wonderful as, for instance, the beaches and other great things about the town.

Always Respect the Anonymity of AA Members

Once in a while you may see somebody at a Santa Monica group who looks just like a movie star. But nobody is bothering them for their autograph or singling them out for special attention. In AA we respect the anonymity of those who are seeking recovery and happen to be famous. Some celebrities are open about their recovery and some would prefer to maintain anonymity. All of them want to be accepted at meetings as just ‘one of the gang.’ In keeping with our tradition of principles before personalities, we want to ensure that every alcoholic who needs help will feel safe coming to AA meetings.