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Recovery Coaches Work to Fill Treatment Gaps

There is still an opioid problem in America, but there’s also a problem with access to the health care required to fix the addiction epidemic. Opioids are such a problem that South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida, Maryland, Alaska, Virginia, and Massachusetts all issued a state of emergency declaration in the past few years. However, funding

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Sober Dorms Give College Students Community

Sober dorms have started popping up at universities to help students in recovery find a supportive community as they work towards their goals. For many people in college, it’s difficult to juggle a rigorous schedule. College life is stressful, and many students find freedom for the first time away from home. Unfortunately, with that freedom,

Charle St: Powerful Drug Rehab in Costa Mesa, California

Charle Street, Costa Mesa "First Step House" Free Drug Rehab  (To Those Who Are Ready for Step 1) Hard Line AA Are you Ready to Get Grateful? Meetings at Charle Street in Costa Mesa Address Plumer Street House Location Thanksgiving and Other Events Is Charle Street Right for Me? Contact Charle Street There's No Place

AA Meetings Santa Monica: Too Many To Count

Contents 1 AA Meetings Santa Monica 2 The Unurban Café: Closed Meetings for Alcoholics Only 3 Joslyn Park 4 26 Street and Broadway AA Bungalow Meetings 5 The Above Are Only a Few of the Meetings Held in Santa Monica Constantly 6 Always Respect the Anonymity of AA Members AA Meetings Santa Monica You’ve probably

Gay and LGBTQA Friendly AA Meetings in Orange County, CA

Contents: Everyone has the right to recovery. There are Many Gay & LGBTQ Friendly Meetings Mon/Tues Nights at "Messiah" in Santa Ana Laguna Beach Gay & LGBTQ Friendly AA Meetings Monday Night Gay Big Book Study in Laguna Tuesday Night Gay Men's Meeting in Laguna Wednesday Night Gay Men's Meeting in Laguna Friday

The Importance of Outreach Calls

In the program of Alcoholics Anonymous there are tools outlined to help its members stay sober. One of them is phone calls. Someone new to recovery might question how a phone could keep them sober. Here we outline how it works: CRAVINGS There are people who have 3 days of sobriety, while others have 30

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