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Youtube Caught Promoting Drug Culture To Kids

An article in the Guardian found that Youtube’s algorithm fails regarding appropriate content. The researchers explored YouTube Kids, an app for youngsters first created in 2015. The app bills itself as a safer alternative for kids, especially those under 13. Content is promoted to more than one age group. There is a section for kids

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In UT, “Parents with Children Program” Helps Addicted Keep Kids

In Salt Lake City, Utah, a new program has launched to help addicted parents re-unite with their child housed by social services in Odyssey House’s “Parents with Children Program.” The program, which focuses on keeping families together, has provided a lifeline for those with drug problems. Instead of separating children from parents completely, participants still

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Addiction and Children: Kids Need Help, Too

With the opiate epidemic running rampant all over America, children are often bear the burden of their parent's addiction. Yet there are rarely talks in the media about addiction and children other than horror stories. Children of addicts are more likely to be abused or neglected than other children. They're also the ones often most

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