drug treatment owner indicted Kansas

In Olathe, Kansas, a drug treatment center owner was indicted for drug trafficking in a Kansas City federal courtroom this morning. The treatment clinic, Nuvista, LLC, dispensed medications like Suboxone to help treat opioid use disorder. Trevor J. Robinson, the 44-year-old owner, was arrested and charged with a five-count indictment by a federal grand jury earlier this week.

The Charges Against Robinson

The federal indictment charges Robinson with one count each of possession with the intent to distribute. The drugs he was charged with carrying and attempted to sell included methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, and ecstasy.

In October of 2020, Robinson was arrested on an unspecified outstanding warrant while cruising town in his 2014 Masarati. When they searched him, they found drugs in his pocket – a plastic bag containing 15 white round pills imprinted with “M30”. He also was carrying nine hundred dollars in cash in his wallet.

Police then searched his vehicle and discovered “a digital scale, plastic bags containing approximately 1.5 kilograms of methamphetamine, plastic bags containing cocaine and heroin, several plastic bags containing various pills, including MDMA/ecstasy, a plastic bag containing marijuana, $12,548 in cash, and a leather-bound ledger notebook,” according to the Department of Justice release.

More About Nuvista LLC

Reviews of the Olathe business online come from about a dozen clients who describe Nuvista as an excellent place to get clean. However, a recent review from a client about three months ago states,” Trevor Robinson will be your therapist with absolutely no credentials what so ever. He worked construction before this job of guiding you through your recovery from opiates. Some advice he will give you can range from, “Date women who have a weight problem because they are less stressful. That’s what I did.” to “Cut people who use drugs out of your life.” Real revelations that I am sure will help out a lot with your drug problem. Not.”

It’s not clear what qualifications, if any, Mr. Robinson was working under or if anyone in his clinic was licensed to prescribe drugs such as Suboxone or provide addiction treatment. More information will be written about this case as it is revealed.

Robinson was arrested this morning and remains in federal custody pending a detention hearing.