Prosecutors say, David W. Perry, age 57, of Boston, faces 15 counts of evidence tampering, seven drug charges and six counts of sex for a fee. He is the current owner of Recovery Educational Services, a sober home in the Roxbury neighborhood. He also owned and ran Safe Haven Sober Homes on Washington Street, another home that is now dissolved.

Perry is a criminal defense lawyer whose law license was suspended in 2004 after a criminal indictment of conspiracy to distribute cocaine. He billed himself as a successful recovering drug addict who turned his life around and wanted to help others. In 2006, just three years after his arrest and while still on probation, he launched Safe Haven Sober Homes. His law license was reinstated in 2014.

What Do Prosecutors Say Happened?

Prosecutors say that the sordid tale dates back to November when Perry called police after a house guest allegedly stole a watch from him.

In the course of the investigation, however, the police investigation discovered some very suspicious things about Perry, including that he was holding sex parties at his home. Prosecutors say that before the sexual activities began, the men were provided with drugs including methamphetamine, cocaine and date rape drugs.

The man accused of stealing the watch told police he had once been a resident of the sober home program, and that Perry had provided false information to a drug court on his behalf, saying that he was clean when he continuously failed drug tests. He also said Perry exchanged drugs for sex with him.

Police tapped Perry’s phone and was able to see thousands of text messages that confirmed the man’s story, detailing what they say was a sex-for-drugs scheme held at the sober home itself.

Perry is currently out on bail with a GPS monitoring device. He’s been ordered to stay away from the sober homes, and he cannot travel or even leave his house except on Sundays.