Use the Paper Directory Though!

There’s something powerful about having an AA meeting directory in your possession. It means you have access to the largest network of recovery in the world several times a day within a couple of miles.

 There's No Substitute!

Kill a Tree for Your Sobriety! 

I strongly recommend the physical paper directory –  it’s tiny and it fits in your pocket.  The online versions do not contain all the nomenclature I will be talking about in my next article.   So kill 1 tree for your sobriety and get the “real deal!”

Online Directories

But of course there will come a time when you are separated from your directory, so in a pinch:

Where to Get a Paper Directory

You can start with the central office (go here for Orange County and here for LA) where they will probably mail it to you if you ask nicely. But really, the directory is almost always for “sale” (cheap or free) any AA Club (and yes, it comes in español too).

If you are feeling shy, buying a directory might be a great place to “break the ice” on your potential recovery (or for your loved one). Going in to an AA club to pick up a directory is something that mental health counselors and case workers, concerned loved ones, concerned co-workers, and many other people do –  so no one will be “sizing you up” whatsoever.

Your transaction will be similar to that of buying a newspaper. You can visit the actual central office for the most business like atmosphere. It feels about like visiting the DMV.