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Mental Health & Addiction
Treatment in Orange County, CA

A Unique and Person-Centered Approach to Mental Health

If you are brave enough to pursue treatment, our mission is to learn who you really are and find out what you need for your recovery to last for a lifetime.

Our shared goal with our clients is that they truly own their recovery. The result of solid personal recovery is a life that is fulfilling enough that the recovery can be sustained.

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Outpatient Mental Health & Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a disease that requires a variety of interventional and behavioral modifications, with recovery very much dependent on quality of treatment the individual receives. 10 Acre Ranch enjoys a reputation for excellence in all aspects of addiction recovery and treatment, and because of this we obtain addiction referrals from some of the leading treatment centers in the United States. To learn more about our reputable programs and to check availability at our Riverside, CA addiction treatment center, please contact us. All calls are confidential and we are available 24/7 to answer your call.

Located in Costa Mesa, CA, Healing Path Recovery is a unique drug rehab center, in part due to the close and personal involvement of our medical director, Dr. Sayeh Beheshti, M.D., M.A.. Our world-class staff works tirelessly to ensure that you or your family member and loved ones receive the best possible care for their alcohol or drug addiction with an individually customized approach.

Our evidence-based treatment model incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy that helps not only treat the addiction itself, but any underlying mental health issues that are an affect or cause of the patient’s existing substance abuse problem.

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Addiction Treatment
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It’s time to change the way we think about addiction.

I am Dr. Sam and I understand what you are going through. At my practice we provide answers that save lives. Through many years of treating those struggling with addiction, I have come to the realization that most who need my help are operating under many false pretenses about why they or their loved one are addicted to drugs (or alcohol). When someone who is physically and mentally addicted to substances like alcohol or heroin gets the medical support they need to adjust to a routine which helps them thrive in abstinence, they can make lasting change. The key is to have skilled clinicians work closely with the recovering individual to continually monitor their progress and reinforce positive change. Our team builds rapport with our patients and explains that we know that they can get and stay sober and in fact we expect them to. Our patients respond well to this kind of expectation.

Contact Us Today For Immediate Answers

We are here to help, no matter what your situation. If it is yourself or a loved one who is in need of treatment, call us at 714-760-4043 so that we can make a confidential assessment of your situation and help you understand what your options are. Our caring intake team is standing by, call us today and step away from addiction and pain and toward healing and recovery.

The Disease Model of Addiction

There is a wealth of evidence-based processes available today that we use to facilitate long-term change, including the use of medication to manage cravings and prevent relapse. I have felt the call to practice addiction medicine after many years of practicing internal medicine and specializing in other areas like critical care medicine, pulmonary medicine, and surgery. There is nothing better in my life than helping people make the transition from hopeless drug use to thriving in a life of recovery. It is possible, and we have seen some of the ‘toughest cases’ come around in our care. The road is not always easy but it is actually quite simple. We are here to help you when you are ready. We can help provide the clinical support that will allow you to move toward living life free of drugs or alcohol for the long term.
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Medication Assisted Addiction Treatment with Psychiatric Focus
20377 SW Acacia St Suite 110, Newport Beach, CA 92660

We Provide Effective Mental Health Treatment

We have assembled an industry-leading team of masters and doctoral level clinicians assisting individuals to achieve breakthroughs in their personal development. Our clinical team is committed to collaboration, integration, and evidence based practices. From assessment to discharge, our clients’ treatment plans are curated specifically to best fit each individual’s needs. Measurable treatment goals are collectively reviewed by the team twice a week to adjust for continuous, focused progress. We provide unparalleled care for a variety of disorders and related challenges, including: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma & PTSD, obsessive compulsive disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, emotional dysregulation, and stress & burnout.

We Specialize in Treating Complex Cases

The Collective is comprised of distinguished clinicians from diverse backgrounds, who bring to the organization their ‘collective’ knowledge and skills in treating mental heath disorders. Each client will receive specialized care from a curated clinical team with expertise in treating their specific psychiatric condition. A sense of Community is the common thread that binds our philosophy, practice and people. While receiving intensive psychiatric, psychological and integrated care, clients engage in a process of recovery with their practitioners, their peers in the program, and the community at large. Staying connected to the world and active in the community is crucial for each individual to gain the self-esteem and confidence necessary to realize their goals and then carry those gains forward as they pursue life after treatment.

We Can Help You Restore Wellness in Your Life

Our team of clinical professionals has answers for you. Call or email us today to find answers. If you or a loved one are currently struggling with a behavioral or mood disorder, The Mental Health Collective is ready to help.
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Mental Health Treatment
Dana Point Rehab Campus is an exclusive alcohol and drug residential treatment facility, located along the beautiful shores of Orange County, California. Our licensed and accredited treatment programs are designed to individualize treatment for each client, including complex issues such as dual diagnosis and Co-Occuring Disorders.  Services include medical detox, inpatient rehab, intensive outpatient therapy (PHP & IOP), and residential treatment (RTC.)  All staff members are licensed and build out plans
Amenities include ocean views, comfortable rooms, healthy meals, fitness programs/swimming, yoga/meditation, and personal concierge by staff.
Our continuum of care allows us to provide a personalized approach using serious neurobiological science, leading edge medically assisted therapies, and treatment by compassionate professionals.
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Medical detox, inpatient rehab, intensive outpatient therapy (PHP & IOP), and residential treatment (RTC.)
22 W Carter Ave, Sierra Madre, CA 91024, USA
Holisitic Health & Addiction Treatment Services

Dedicato Treatment Center utilizes a humanistic approach that includes empirically sound and proven evidence-based practices, to help our patient’s overcome their addictions and manage any other co-occurring mental health disorders that they may have. Moreover, our treatment will use motivational interviewing, which is a non-judgemental and non-confrontational counseling technique that attempts to give the patient autonomy and help increase his or her self-awareness. These strategies help our patients to envision hope and a better future for themselves and find the intrinsic motivation necessary to achieve it.

23331 El Toro Road Suite 102 Lake Forest, CA 92630

Life CAN get better!

Miracle Recovery Center is an intensive outpatient program offered to adult men and women who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction. Our outpatient treatment programs offer flexible scheduling options, making recovery convenient and achievable for clients to keep their jobs, tend to their families or any other responsibilities they may have. All of our therapists are licensed professionals with a Masters level degree or higher of Psychology, specializing in addiction and family therapy. We teach clients how to maintain sobriety and create balance, all while staying free from drugs and alcohol. Clients receive individualized treatment programs designed specifically to address their needs. We believe recovery is possible for anyone who wants it. Miracles happen every day.

Fun in Sobriety!

Our programs offer an element of discovery and enjoyment. Recovery doesn’t have to be a painful experience all together! In fact, it can be a really good time. Our therapists and group leaders take clients to the next level, helping them explore new options in sobriety and find new interests and hobbies with their peers. Weekly adventure groups consist of indoor skydiving, animal therapy and much more. We promote the idea and prove that sobriety can be more fun than drinking or using ever was and MRC can and will show you how. Are you willing to take a chance?

Individualized Treatment Programs

Miracle Recovery Center offers individual therapy sessions, group therapy and psycho educational groups as well as topic focused therapy sessions on relapse prevention, mental illness, physical fitness, balance, and life skills. Our spirituality groups not only promote spiritual wellness but encourage clients to try out new religions or practices, allowing them to find their authentic selves and be comfortable in their own skin, a crucial element to sober success. We offer medication assistance and sober living referrals to all clients and promote a family like atmosphere. We recognize that relationships are a large part of daily stress in everyone’s lives, and educate our clients on healthy boundaries and other great tools to help them support their own recovery and find out what loving themselves truly feels like.
27123 Calle Arroyo, San Juan Capistrano, CA, United States

Affordable luxury addiction treatment in beautiful Orange County, California. We offer multiple treatment options under one roof along with limited capacity to assure all of our patients receive quality addiction treatment and plenty of 1-on-1 attention from our staff. We advocate for our patients to maximize insurance benefits leaving you with little to no out of pocket costs. Available 24/7.

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Inpatient A

We are one of the best Rehab Center for alcohol addiction treatment in California. Our alcohol abuse program methods include both traditional and progressive methods to detoxify patient body and detach them from addiction.

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