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You Can Overcome Alcoholism With Our Help

When you contact our team of intake counselors, we will begin the assessment process to help you get admitted to a rehabilitation program that will help you stop the intake of alcohol, then address the underlying issues that contribute to your drinking.

Our intake counselors will have questions about your medical history and background in order to provide a complimentary assessment of your situation and provide treatment options. We can also help with the process of insurance verification.

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The Road to Recovery is Well Charted

Alcoholism is still the most common chemical dependency that people seek treatment for – and this is good news.  It’s a good thing because the field of addiction treatment has been addressing this specific addiction for over a century, and we know more than ever  how to treat someone so they can live a fulfilling life in recovery.  Starting with a comfortable and safe detoxification and continuing through treatment using cutting edge therapeutic processes, it’s less of a mystery than ever how to help someone who has become ensnared in alcohol’s addictive clutches.

Alcoholism is an all encompassing disease that hijacks the person’s decision making power and turns them into a person that their loved ones can barely recognize. If you or someone you love is struggling with a drinking problem,  we strongly suggest that you reach out to us for help today because alcoholism is a progressive and deadly disease.

The Road Back from Alcoholism

  • Halt the intake of alcohol and go through a medically supervised detox
  • Participate in a closely monitored residential treatment program for 1-3 months
  • Gradually step down through levels of care to re-enter society and resume career (or education)
  • Continue sobriety with the support of 12-step program participation


How We Can Help You Start the Process

If you call us today, we will provide a complimentary and confidential assessment of you or  your loved one’s drinking and medical history to decide what type of care would be most appropriate.  We can also check your insurance (if applicable) to verify your benefits and help you understand what is covered and what your “out of pocket” costs will be.   If needed, we can also assist with arranging for transportation and we have a network of addiction interventionists that can help arrange an intervention for your family if necessary.

Treatments We Incorporate Into Our program:

  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment (Depression, Anxiety, Trauma & PTSD)
  • Gender Specific Treatment (Programs for Men and Women Only)
  • 12-Step Addiction Principles (Alcoholics Anonymous)
  • Non 12 Step Alternatives
  • Contact Info

  • Patient Info

  • Insurance Information

Help is standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call Now to Speak With a Counselor. Privacy Guaranteed. No Commitment.


Some Features of Our Programs

  • Private Rooms Available
  • 24 hour/day Monitoring by Our Licensed Staff
  • Medically Managed and 24 Hour/Day Monitored Detox
  • Nutritious Meals
  • Cell Phone and Laptop Access (after initial period)
  • We Work With Most Insurance Carriers

Recovery is Real and Happens Every Day

Whatever you are going through may seem unimaginably difficult, but it’s important to remember that you are not alone.  Millions of families struggle with the reality of addiction, and many of them start the road to recovery every day.  The important thing is to take action and halt the cycle of addiction.

If you are not able to convince your loved one to seek treatment voluntarily, then contact us to be connected to an interventionist who can help your family plan and execute and intervention and then accompany your loved one to treatment (or assist with ongoing maintaining of boundaries if the intervention is not initially successful).

Our customized treatment plan takes into account our clients’ families, careers and other aspects of their lives.  Call us today to begin the road back.

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